Enforcers Protective Services

Enforcers Protective Services (EPS) is the security arm of Blue Raven Services, providing various levels of trained personnel to fit your security needs.

Unarmed Security – These officers received the basic security training required by law that do not require individuals to be armed for those many security applications. Unarmed officers are generally the first line of protection that observe and report suspicious activity. Unarmed officers render immediate care, escort clients to their vehicles, and other duties based on the client’s needs. 

Armed Officers – Armed officers provide a greater level of security and training.  These officers receive rigorous training in the use of firearms and the use of deadly force.  Armed officers are appropriate for many applications, including facility security, events, or other high-risk client details.  In some cases, your armed officer may be a certified police officer.  These officers must maintain strict training standards to remain on any client site. 

Executive Protection – Much like armed officers, executive protection officers must maintain a high level of training on firearms, use of force, and protective tactics.  These assignments are most often certified law enforcement or military-trained personnel with specialized executive protection qualifications.

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